Terry, Tara, Layla and Luke: In-Home Lifestyle Family Photography

In-home lifestyle photo sessions are always a good idea.  It's special to capture your family in the environment where you spend the most time, and are most comfortable.  To document the memories you create there every day.  It's especially special when you live in South Florida.  That means we are subject to Hurricane season.  And since this year was a pretty active one, when I scheduled post-Irma family sessions, I suggested to some of my families who've never done photography in their homes to schedule an in-home family lifestyle session this year. 

Because honestly, if we had gotten a direct hit by a Category 5 storm, none of our homes would look the same.  And wouldn't it be nice if you had those photos in a worst-case scenario?  Because while many people stayed for the storm, many didn't.  And we all thought about what we'd take with us or protect.  And family photos were one of the first things on everyone's list!

So, without further adieu, here's one of my favorite families whose kids have grown up in front of my camera.  I love how we always create some fun 'so you' moments together!  And don't you love the spontaneous cookies and milk?!  It was totally unplanned and based on a pantry raid for a snack when the kids were starting to lose it!