Agnieszka, Jon, Melina, Keila, and Benicio

I was both excited and a little nervous when mom called me to schedule another photo session with me, this time for Beni's first birthday.  You see, our first session together was amazing.  One of my favorites ever!  And when I'm going up against some of my own best work, that's a pretty high bar that I must at least meet or beat.  But, I needn't have worried.  This family gives me so much to capture!  They are themselves in front of the camera, and those are some of my favorite moments to freeze.  

I also think this may be my first session ever where I didn't deliver 'The Grandma Shot', you know, the one you think you want to give to Grandma, with everyone looking and smiling at the camera.  And mom and I couldn't be happier with the results!  Because at the end of the day, I have photographed their faces, but instead of looking at me, they're enjoying each other, and that series of images tells a story of this family.