Two New Cousins

Two of my cousins who I grew up with had their first babies 2 months apart.  So for their baby present, I flew up to New York and gifted them a photo session.  They had the idea to do the photo session together to get some extended family shots.  Their mom (who is now a grandma, congrats), who is in the event industry, organized for us to meet in the well-lit lobby of a hotel.  Unlike Florida, where March is like summer, apparently in New York, March is still like winter!  And because their dog is a part of their family, we went back to Landon's house for some bonus photos with their furriest four-legged family member. 

Your babies are beautiful, and it was so nice to see you as parents and your parents as grandparents!!!  I hope to see and photograph these children more as they grow!  Feel free to fly me up anytime!