Camp Shalom

Today I had the opportunity and privilege to spend the day at camp. I was there as an alumni, a parent, and a photographer.  At the end of the day, I was filled with so much joy!  I got to spend time photographing most of the cabins at their various activities,  and I got such a warm feeling from all. 

As a lifestyle photographer, I seek out genuine emotions, and with these campers, I didn't have to look far, and I left with a camera full of images of happy campers. We may have staged some of the activities to make sure we got them all covered throughout the day, but the emotions and happiness were real.

As an alumni, I was happy to see the fun and traditions I enjoyed at camp are still upheld 22 years later. There's something satisfying about a timeless experience that is shared between generations.  

And as a parent, I was happy to see my kids happy.  I was happy to see your kids happy.  I was happy to see my kids creating lasting memories and friendships with your kids. I was happy to see the staff so invested in ensuring our kids are having a great camp experience.  I'm so glad to have these images to relive such a magical day.