NoahCon - Noah's Bar Mitzvah at Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp

I had the pleasure of first meeting this mama when we were introduced by a mutual friend at an Andy Grammer concert.  Then I had the pleasure of spending the week with and photographing them at Winter Break Family Camp last year!  So when she said they'd be celebrating Noah's Bar Mitzvah at camp, I was game!

Their celebration started with a Friday night Shabbat dinner, which we preceded by mock mitzvah photos (since photography is not permitted on Shabbat).  The dinner decorations were handmade by one of mom's close friends, and they were amazing.  What a well-executed camp theme!

The 'NoahCon' continued up at camp, where Noah read from the Torah on Shabbat morning, and enjoyed brunch with his family and friends on Sunday!  Mazel Tov to this lovely family, and I can't wait to capture more of your simchas!