A 60th Birthday Celebration of Wine, Women, and Words

I have a fellow photographer friend who does amazing work, with a focus on weddings.  I told him if he ever came across anyone who wanted photography for a smaller event to please let them know I’d be interested.  Last Monday, I got an email stating this referral had happened, and asking me if I was available on Thursday for the event.  Why am I including these seemingly boring details?  Because it’s a small world after all.  The person who sent the email is friends with my aunt, and it turns out I knew her, and my aunt would be at the event!

After making my way through traffic (which really wasn’t too bad for after work in South Florida), and snapping up a quick pic of a peacock in the parking lot, I arrived as greetings were concluding, to a room beautifully decorated with red roses and candles.  Everyone sat down, opening remarks were made, as well as an opening song.  The birthday girl’s friends and family took turns toasting (and roasting) her with speeches that had the crowd laughing and crying.

After each speech, hugs and kisses were exchanged.  And I’m not talking about the kind of hug you awkardly exchange socially because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do.  I’m talking about genuine love and affection between this women.  It was really beautiful, and I was honored to be there to capture these special moments.

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