Carter’s 1st Birthday Party at Plantation Heritage Park

I had the pleasure of first meeting Carter and his mom at his buddy Jacob’s 1st Birthday party a few weeks earlier.  But on October 12, it was Carter’s turn to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.  Fully taking advantage of the cooler South Florida fall weather (read 80s instead of 90s), the party took place at a park, under the shade of a beautiful big tree with a lovely lake and clear blue skies as a backdrop.  When the breeze blew, it almost felt like fall!  Carter started off the afternoon with some tears, but when bubbles were blown and he had something to eat, he showed us what a great smile he has!  Happy birthday little man – so glad I was there to capture these moments for you!

Carter Bubbles Smiles (1987x1136)IMG_6352 (1365x2048) IMG_6501 (1365x2048) IMG_6440 (1365x2048)BFF cake (2048x1367) Carter Cake (2048x1535) bubbles (1425x2048)Gotcha no logo (1425x2048) IMG_6394 (2048x1365) IMG_6482 (2048x1367)IMG_6671 (2048x1365) IMG_6748 (2048x1640)IMG_6315 (2048x1365) IMG_6768 (2048x1365)IMG_6798 (1369x2048) IMG_6884 (2048x1364) IMG_6827 (1363x2048)