Galit’s Gender Reveal

Ever since I saw those balloons coming out of a box on Pinterest (here, here, here, and here were my inspiration), revealing whether the baby would be a boy or a girl, I have been eager to find a pregnant friend who did not yet know the sex of her baby to do this shoot with.  Galit was the perfect friend, b/c if you're friends with her on Facebook, you know she's always posting all sorts of fun photos with her family. 

At first we weren’t sure if the shoot would happen b/c mom wanted to know the gender at her ultrasound, but when I suggested we do the shoot as a way to reveal the gender to her kids, we knew we’d found a winning idea.  I had my box decorated but when I went to Party City on my lunch hour to fill it with balloons, only 6 would fit!  Guess I underestimated how much volume helium filled balloons would occupy.  Also, I drive a Hyundai Tuscon.  I love it, but the back is a few inches shorter than my old CR-V was, which can be challenging for hauling large cargo, so I was limited in the box size I could choose.  The party city staff was able to find another box to hold the remaining 6 balloons, and I was set (because if I didn’t box them and drove up with a car filled with pink balloons, that would kind of blow it).

As this shoot took place before daylight savings ended, we met at the park after work to capture our photos in the amazing and infamous “golden hour”.  We opened up the first box, and then the second so we’d have more balloons in our photos.  This family was so much fun to work with, as they were willing to try different things, and just be silly!

IMG_8645 (2048x1367) IMG_8655 (2048x1335)IMG_8668 (2048x1343) IMG_8680 (1310x2048) IMG_8706 (2048x1331)IMG_8759 (1341x2048) IMG_8718 (2048x1333) Family Edited (1363x2048)IMG_8751 (1364x2048) IMG_8771 (2048x1365) IMG_8788 (2048x1193)