Kristina, Mike, Madison, and Jacob

This adorable family wanted holiday photos.  Holiday photos have been keeping me very busy, and since all my afternoon spots were full, we scheduled a morning shoot.  I was a little worried about how the lighting would be at that time of day, but we were rewarded with lovely lighting.

In my previous holiday shoots, I had a family that wore holiday outfits, and another mom that brought a small tree.  Both looked great, so when I saw this little tree and little ornaments in Target, I had to get them for my holiday shoots!  Having never gotten either a tree or ornaments before, I had to ask how to hang them on the tree.  Another kind shopper directed me to hooks, which I purchased.  But when I got home and tried to hang them on the tree, it looked silly.  Since the branches are wire based, I was able to shove the ornaments onto the end of them for a cute photo prop.

IMG_3840 (1365x2048) IMG_3866 (1365x2048) IMG_4053 (1364x2048) IMG_3885 (1365x2048)IMG_3915 (1365x2048) IMG_3960 (1364x2048) IMG_4153 (1367x2048) IMG_3950 (1365x2048)IMG_4151 (1361x2048) IMG_4014 (1361x2048) IMG_3884 (1365x2048) IMG_4033 (1364x2048)