Deann, Chris, Ashlynn, and Hayden

This family was my 3rd session of the morning at Robbins Park, and all 3 families knew each other, so I had to be sure to find different scenery and poses for each.  I think we succeeded here!  This was my first time exploring the “farm” part of the park in great detail, and we found so many great little photo opportunities, including horses and donkeys.  This family has roots in Alabama, so they felt right at home in this farm-like area,  and it just warmed my heart to hear Chris refer to Hayden as “son”.  Such Southern charm!

I’ve been photographing a lot of younger boys lately in whose nature it is to run wild, not to be still and pose for a photo shoot.  Hayden demonstrates what these boys will grow into.  With older kids, I was blown away with how much we were able to accomplish and how many different creative poses and locations we could shoot in just an hour.  It also helped that Deann was right there with me, on board with trying many things.

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