Alejandra and Gene’s Wedding Celebration and Portraits

Alejandra and Gene had an intimate wedding back in October at the courthouse. I couldn't be there to take their photos b/c I was working, but they were able to capture some great shots on their cel phones. I was happy to be there that evening though to capture their celebration with family and close friends. Congrats, Mr. & Mrs.!

We took some nice indoor portraits then, and had talked about meeting again to get some outdoor portraits at the beach. We met again a few weeks later.  Our session got pushed back a bit due to an earlier threat of rain, so instead of meeting before the sun went down, we met with their family who was visiting from out of town, as the sun had just left the sky. It was a different look than we'd originally intended, and the darker skies added some nice drama to the photos. Congrats again, you two!

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