Ashlee and her brothers

This photo shoot was for two sets of siblings whose families will be uniting when their parents tie the knot next year. So Ashlee rounded up the guys for a photo shoot as a surprise holiday gift for their parents. I know photo shoots are not most guys' favorite way to spend the afternoon, but they were troopers, and worked with me as I had them get close, climb branches, and sit on the ground!

IMG_8659 (2048x1365) IMG_8667 (1365x2048)IMG_8682 (1365x2048) IMG_8691 (2048x1365)IMG_8737 (2048x1365) IMG_8750 (2048x1365)IMG_8686 (2048x1365) IMG_8730 (2048x1365) IMG_8703 (2048x1365)