Sebastian and Dillon's 7th and 4th Swamp Birthday: Davie, FL Birthday Photographer

I met this family at their cousin Mia's first birthday last year (she appears in my 2013 summary post here), and was excited to see them again to celebrate the birthdays of these brothers. I also found out that our older boys, along with some of the other party guests, had played on the same soccer team a few years ago, and attend the same Elementary School! I love "It's a Small World" stories.

I arrived to Tree Tops park, decked out with swamp decorations, with everyone dressed head to toe in camo. This is one creative mama! The guests were entertained by a climbing wall and bounce house and enjoyed the cooler South Florida weather. The highlight of the afternoon though, was a wildlife show with an exotic collection of animals, from an alligator and a snake, to an owl, porcupine, fox, lemur, and honey bear, to name a few.  And no, the fox does NOT say, “ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding”!

I had a hard time making the picks for this post, because I was able to capture so many great moments.  Here’s a glimpse into the fun that was had at this party. Happy birthday boys!

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