Stephanie & David’s Wedding

I recently had the opportunity to shoot at a wedding with my photography role model and mentor, Ricky from Ricky Stern Photography.  You can read his blog post about the event and see the fabulous pictures he took here.  I learned a lot by watching him work and participating in the photo taking action.  One of my favorite parts was seeing how he scoped out portrait spots at the beginning of the night and made an ordinary space look extraordinary.  The venue was actually the same one where my husband and I tied the knot 10 years earlier, and the only portraits we have were taken in the hall where the ceremony took place!

These photos and this event gave me some equipment envy, and I upgraded my camera and flashes as a result!  To geek out on camera speak for a second, when shooting in low light (such as a dark reception hall at a wedding), a photographer has several options to capture more light in a photo, one of which is ISO.  This particular camera had higher ISO capabilities than mine did, and after seeing how well it performed, I upgraded.  I’ve enjoyed using my new camera, particularly for this maternity shoot, where I was able to capture photos that appear to have more light than was actually present as the sun was setting, and only had to turn on my flash at the very end when the sun had completely left the sky.  Awesome!

Here are some of the moments I was able to capture of the happy couple on their special day, which I was so honored to be a part of.  As always, click on any of the photos to enlarge.

IMG_13762048-1392 2048-1389IMG_1417 (2)2048-1455 2048-1461 2048-14622048-1466 2048-14722048-1474 2048-14762048-1483 2048-1487 2048-14882048-1499 2048-1500 2048-1528IMG_15072048-1519 2048-1521 2048-1523 2048-15262048-1532 2048-15332048-1559 2048-1572IMG_15812048-15882048-1593 2048-15982048-1601 2048-1617 2048-16262048-1631 2048-16402048-1661 2048-16652048-1723 2048-17322048-1765 2048-17662048-1796 2048-18052048-1769 2048-1818 2048-1843 2048-18682048-1846 2048-18502048-1878 2048-1903 2048-1905