Anderson's Newborn Session

I was lucky enough to capture these new parents' maternity session here, and as you can see from the images and read in the blog post, it was pretty amazing.  We were actually planning to get together to take some more maternity pictures, but baby Anderson decided to make an early appearance.  On his 4th week, which would have been around his due date, I got to meet this little guy and photograph him with his proud parents. 

As I was leaving, dad asked what I thought of the pictures we'd captured, and I said, "I'm not worried with you guys."  He said, "I bet you say that to everyone."  I told him really, I don't.  I thought about it on the way home, and I realized why this couple is such a pleasure to photograph.  In addition to being comfortable in front of the camera, taking direction well, and being good-looking,  there's just something about their love for each other, and now their son, that no matter how I pose you, is hard to fake.  And theirs is real.  And when I take their picture, I know I've captured something really beautiful.

A big congrats to this family!  And I hope I continue to be the lucky photographer who gets to capture this little man as he grows.
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