Sandi, Josh, Evan, and Leah

Sandi and I have worked together for the better part of a decade now, and over the years we've become good friends.  I've enjoyed watching her family grow.  She always proudly displays her family photos on her desk, and I noticed they needed some updating.  So, I encouraged her to schedule a shoot, and she happily agreed.

We met this evening at Orchid Park in Coral Springs.  It's a new location for me, but has been on my radar since a friend of mine had her pictures taken there.  It lived up to our expectations and gave us some great lighting and great backgrounds to shoot with.

Unfortunately, I had left my backpack in my car with my wallet and some jewelry inside, and that was stolen while we were shooting.  Coming home to these smiling faces cheered me up though, as my items are just items that can be replaced, but these memories will last forever (as soon as I get them upload and backed up that is) ;)

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