Reese’s 1st Birthday Party

Join us for a sweet celebration! That's what it said on the invitation for Reese's 1st birthday party, and a sweet celebration it was! The pink and yellow lemonade theme was absolutely adorable, and was executed with many color coordinated details, from the balloons, tablecloths, and handmade lemonade stand, down to a yellow and pink fruit salad!

The birthday girl started off in a colorful tutu with matching wand as bright as her personality. She then happily lost her sugar virginity with a cake smash, and perhaps the cutest and most classic post-cake cleansing I've witnessed, a good old-fashioned garden hose! She finished the day in a lemon dress.

Reese, your family and friends just love you so, and I wish you a 2nd year as happy as your first!

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