Skarlen and Dennis’ Wedding

A June outdoor wedding in South Florida means worrying about whether or not it’s going to rain and obsessively watching the weather forecast for the week leading up to your big day, and hourly the day of.  Lucky for this couple, while the skies were overcast by the time of the ceremony in the afternoon, the rain did not fall.  They got married under a big tree at Plantation Heritage park, where we had taken their engagement photos a few weeks before.  The bridal party was into their group shots afterwards, and even wore superhero shirts under their formal attire.  It’s a totally popular trend these days, thanks to Pinterest, but who doesn’t love a good Pinterest-inspired photographic trend!? 

Then it was off to Tropical Acres steakhouse in Davie, FL for the celebration, where the bridal party gave me great entrance photos, and had fun dancing with this happy pair.  Skarlen had also requested a sparkler exit, and a light painting photo, which add to the special moments captured on their special day.  Congratulations!

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