Ilan’s First Birthday Party

I had the pleasure of taking this family’s portraits a few weeks ago in honor of Ilan’s first birthday.  So as a clutter free gift to him and his mama, I captured these moments at his party.  He is an extremely happy boy, so the smiley theme was perfect to celebrate his special day.  He celebrated with a small group of family and close friends, and really enjoyed his bagel, cake smash, and bath afterwards. 

As a photographer, events in their home are a dream to photograph, with all the natural light streaming in through many windows, which means my flash was only providing a small amount of fill light, with most of the light being natural, which is always beautiful.  Also, I shot the entire event with a favorite prime lens of mine, which I haven’t used for a while.  Prime means it’s a fixed focal length and doesn’t zoom in and out.  All “zooming” is done by walking closer to or farther from the subject.  I loved it, and it really helped me create some strong compositions that I might have missed without it. 

All in all, it was a beautiful event, to celebrate a beautiful child, and the images from a day like that can’t help but be beautiful!

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