Roly & Taty’s We Just Got Married Light Painting Session

Roly is one of my trainers at the gym, and we were all so happy for him and Taty when they announced their engagement, and wedding a few weeks later. If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen my recent interest in exploring light painting. So far, my experimentation has been limited to my living room with my kids, but I've been dying to take this outside, and these two were my willing test subjects. We had a great time, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!! 

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I’m often asked how this is done.  I won’t reveal all my secrets here (a magician never does, and this is my kind of magic), but I will share some outtakes where I didn’t get out of the frame before the shutter closed.  In the first one on the left, I was painting a barbell (remember, Roly’s a trainer), and was working out how to correct for a mistake in the next shot (we decided on dumbbells instead for simplicity, pictured above).  In the second, I forgot that I had made my exposure shorter, and just didn’t time my exit from the frame.  I love that one both ways.  Landscape, it’s a great action shot of me, and in portrait orientation, I absolutely love the trail of unidentified light in the sky, b/c it looks like a shooting star.
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