Bodytek Davie Pre-Re-Opening Labor Day Class

Bodytek Fitness in Davie, where I am a proud client, expanded their Davie studio to double its’ size.  These photos are from the first class, and the reveal where clients walked into the studio for the first time.  Class at Bodytek is always high-energy, while maintaining a family feel.  Amy led an action-packed class, which gave me lots of photo opportunities to capture these ‘Tekers’ (as they are affectionately known) at their best, as they rotated through stations that included tire jumps, side hurdle jumps, rope waves, and kettle bell swings, just to name a few.  And with the doors closed, I was able to create some interesting light.  Congrats on the expansion, and I can’t wait to also share the photographs from the grand re-opening the following weekend!

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