Steve and Ellannee’s Wedding

Steve and Ellannee hosted their wedding at the beautiful Newport Beachside Resort in Sunny Isles, FL.  Since they were from out of town, we didn’t get to do an Engagement Session beforehand, so our first time meeting was on their wedding day!  We’d spoken several times on the phone and exchanged emails and texts, and this couple was so down to earth and welcoming, that we were comfortable with each other right away.  They also chose to do a first look, which is always a beautiful moment to capture, and leaves plenty of time for portraits both before and after the ceremony.  They were even up for some light painting at the end!  I was also on a high, having shot a wedding with my mentor the day before, so I really brought my A-game.  The bride and groom had some really nice hand-made and detailed decorative touches that added to their beachy theme.  They also had a polaroid set-up for guests to personalize their guest book entries.  Who doesn’t love to “shake it like a polaroid picture”?!  It was a great day, I was glad to be a part of it, and I just love the pastel pink accents – it’s perfect for this destination wedding! 

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