Bodytek Fitness Davie Expansion Grand Re-Opening and 3rd Anniversary

Another great event at Bodytek Fitness Davie! After the pre-opening the week before, Tekers, as they are affectionately known, showed up in full force for probably the largest classes the space has ever seen!  Classes are typically taught by 1-2 trainers, who make their way around the room, to motivate everyone working at all of the various exercise stations.  For this crowd, all trainers were present, and each led a different station.  This was a great way for the group to get to workout with and meet the trainers whose classes they may not otherwise be able to attend. 

After the workout and one last run to the stop sign to wrap-up this session, the ceremonial green ribbon was cut by owner Mike Verdugo, joined by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and his wife, and Vice Mayor of Davie Caryl Hatton.  There was a waterslide bounce house for kids of all ages, catered lunch by Char Hut, as well as several other healthy vendors.  Congrats on the expansion and happy 3rd anniversary!

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