Fedline’s Getting Ready for her Wedding

Fedline was the Maid of Honor at Balkis and Fritz’s wedding last month.  We developed a bond when I photographed Balkis’ bachelorette party and wedding, and subsequently, Fedline’s bridal shower and bachelorette party (sorry folks, but I’m not posting the Bachelorette party pics).  She had already hired her wedding photographer when she met me, but wanted me there to capture a part of her day.  We agreed on the getting ready photos, since there would be many women in various states of undress, and she felt more comfortable with a female photographer.  That being said, I have to give a shout-out to my male photographer counterparts who shoot some of the most beautiful getting ready photos I’ve ever seen.  They just step out while you’re putting the dress on, and come back in to capture it being buttoned or zipped in the back.

Fedline’s getting ready room felt chaotic in the moment, and was a bit of a mess, and I was worried that the pictures would look messy.  What I captured was the exact opposite, and I am in love with these pictures.  The busyness of so many ladies preparing for such a special day created such great moments, from the bride’s oldest daughter getting her hair fixed, to her youngest getting her shoes put on, and later mom putting on the flower girl’s gloves with the bridal party making their finishing touches in the background.  One of my favorite shots is the bride helping her mom buckle her shoes, while a bridesmaid is ironing another bridesmaid’s dress and another is checking her phone.  All that activity allowed me to create very interesting photos.  Enjoy!

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