Danielle’s Pre-Mitzvah Portraits

This young lady is family-BFFs with my aunt, so I’ve watched her grow for many years now.  It was really a pleasure to have this 1/1 photo session with her in downtown Ft Lauderdale.  I don’t remember looking like this at 13!  She had her hair and make-up done for the occasion, and had two great outfits picked out, with a stylish, but classic pair of Converse.  I suggested an urban session because they tend to give a lot of options for edgy, yet youthful photos.  We spent some time taming her hair due to the wind, but when it blew favorably, it led to some great shots. And those eyes – my goodness!  I hope I didn’t take too many close-ups!  I’m looking forward to celebrating with you at your Bat Mitzvah later this year, Danielle!

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