Madison’s 3 Month Family Portraits

Last weekend, I was out to lunch with my family, when this mom walked into the same restaurant with her family.  We gave each other that, “I know you from somewhere” look, and determined we’d grown up in the same community.  This baby is too cute (read: I wanted to get her in front of my camera), so I of course handed mom my business card, and said, please call me if you need any pictures!  As it turns out, Madison was just celebrating her 3 month milestone, and her parents want to do portraits every 3 months for the first year. 

We met at the park yesterday, to capture this beautiful baby on a beautiful day.  We hung out in the shade provided by a tree with a nice big shady canopy, and Madison played with her parents, and relaxed on her blanket.  She has a very calm and happy disposition, and I’m looking forward to getting her in front of my camera again in January!

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