Layla, Allan and Philip Maternity

One of the things I typically share, in addition to how awesome a session is, is how I’m connected to the subjects.  In this case, when I asked Layla how she found out about me, she said, Google!  I am so excited and feel so “big” that I can be found in a Google search!  I do maternity photography, and we are in the same area, so we met at my favorite park to photograph this family that will soon be a family of four.  I love their dark blue oufits and Layla’s shiny necklace.  And the lighting in the park today was just great.  We may not have leaves that change colors in South Florida in the fall, but we have cooler weather (read: 85 instead of 95), less humidity, and beautiful light that shines through trees and makes photographers happy. 

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