Felisha and Jordan’s Wedding

Remember my romantic couple, Felisha and Jordan, and how excited I was for their wedding after photographing their Engagement Session?   These two celebrated their wedding last weekend, and it met my expectations, and then some.  The musical theme from their engagement session carried over, starting with theatrical tickets as their invitation.  I love that the photo they selected is a close up that shows off Jordan’s treble clef watch and Felisha’s eighth note earrings.  Treble clefs could be seen again on the details of Felisha’s pedicure, as well as on some wall decorations and the treble/bass cleff heart cake topper.  Felisha’s grandmother carried their rings in her piano box, and inflatable instruments were present throughout the celebration.

The ceremony really was every bit the “Wedding Musical” that the invitation promised.  The bridesmaids sang, a groomsman and the groom played the guitar, the bride’s parents sang to the couple, the groom played the piano and sang to the bride, and the bride sang to the groom.  Their exchange of vows was no less romantic.  It’s a good thing I don’t speak Portuguese, b/c Felisha’s vows had the entire room in tears, and a crying photographer would be less than ideal! 

The reception kicked off with a choreographed lip-synced dance by the bridal party, followed by the bride and groom’s first dance.  I love the shot of Felisha “playing the piano” on Jordan’s arm.  My favorite thing to capture at any event I photograph are the interactive moments between people, and this event provided many!  This is a really close and connected family.  I especially love the looks in the eyes of the parents of the bride as they sang, the dancing group of sisters, and the two black and whites where the bride and her mom are making the same expression in two consecutive frames!

We finished the night with a bit of my favorite, light painting!  With a dark room and some instruments, the lights, and the theme, shined through. Congrats you two, and with all those sisters, I hope to be around to capture more of your family’s celebrations!

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