Michael’s First Birthday Portraits

My most relaxed photo sessions are always my favorite, because they always have the best results.  If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ve heard me say it before.  Be yourself, and I’ll be able to capture photos that are “So You”!  Michael’s mom was on top of the adorable styling for this session, incorporating the Mickey theme he will have for his birthday celebration in a few weeks.  I just love his Mickey outfit, the matching balloons, and of course, Mickey himself.  Michael had the freedom to hang out in the shade at the park, enjoying the beautiful weather.  When he didn’t look our way, we didn’t get upset, we just patiently waited until he did.  When he was hungry, he got some puffs.  In fact, at the sound of shaking the puffs container, he started to crawl towards them, which led to some more great photos.  We finished the session with a cake smash – his first time trying cake!  He seemed to enjoy the sensory experience as much as he enjoyed the taste!  Happy birthday little man.  I had fun hanging out with you this morning, and I hope to get you in front of my camera again as you grow!

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