Kristina, Mike, Madison, and Jacob

This is the second year I’ve had the honor of creating this family’s holiday portraits.  This year, we changed things up and headed over to Hollywood Beach for a mini session.  I absolutely love their outfits, with the mixtures of pink and blue.  Dad even rocked both colors in his shorts!  At the end of our session, mom remarked how much easier it was to capture their pictures this year.  I had to agree.  Jacob has really matured, and it was fun to see him interacting more playfully with me and my camera.  And Madison is just as adorable as last year, especially when she started our session by giving me a drawing she’d made for me.  She dressed me better than I dress myself, in a ball gown with a matching bow and high heeled platform shoes!  Thank you so much, Madison!  I loved it so much, I’ve included a snapshot of it below.  Happy holidays, and I hope to continue to get you in front of my camera to capture your “So You” moments!

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