The P Family Portraits: Lincoln Road and Dylan’s Candy Bar

This family has had their portraits taken annually by my mentor, the best wedding photographer in the business, Ricky Stern.  This year it was my turn, and needless to say, I have big shoes to fill!  I asked Ricky to send me what he’s taken in the past so I could get an idea of what type of session they’re used to, and when I complimented him on his work, he mentioned that it was a 15 minute session, complete with a reward of ice cream at the end for their patience and cooperation.  And then I had my winning idea. 

There are many constraints with scheduling this time of year, as it’s super busy with families taking holiday pictures.  My evening sessions for the day were already booked, and daytime sessions can only be done in locations with shade.  This family is located in South Dade County, and I’m in Broward, so we wanted to find somewhere in the middle.  Well, when I realized that these boys like ice cream, I had the brilliant idea to shoot their session at Dylan’s Candy Bar on Lincoln Road.  While I was waiting for them to arrive, I also scouted some beautiful spots on the shady street outdoors. 

These three had tons of energy and great ideas for posing during their session.  What you see is a collaboration of our ideas.  As I always say, when we work together, I can capture the photos that are “So You”!

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