Zackary’s Bar Mitzvah

This event hasn’t been on my calendar for long, but I looked forward to it ever since it was.  Zackary’s mom was referred to me by a mom from my prenatal yoga class 6 years ago.  This young man originally didn’t want a big party to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.  But as the saying goes, “mother knows best”.  This celebration truly brought that saying to life.  You see, his mom understood that what Zackary really meant was that he didn’t want a traditional DJ dance party.  So they planned a sports-themed party at their home, with a foosball table, hockey table, basketball hoop, and traditional arcade game.  These were enjoyed by all guests, boys and girls, young and old, but what Zackary enjoyed most was playing “ultimate” frisbee and football with LED sports equipment on the lawn.  We were blessed with a beautifully crisp and cool South Florida evening (I even got to wear a fleece jacket!), which was perfect for dress-up outdoor sports. 

I really enjoyed photographing this event, because I appreciate creative, out-of-the-box thinking.  Seeing how much the Bar Mitzvah boy enjoyed his celebration, and being there to capture it, was truly special. 

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