Anna, Jonathan, and Coralee welcome baby Zoe!

I have had the pleasure of capturing this family’s journey to expanding their family, so I was thrilled to hear they had a beautiful baby girl, and that she was ready to make her photographic debut.  Anna felt her house didn’t have a ton of natural light, which is key to gorgeous newborn sessions, so we took their session to the park!  I just love the juxtaposition of a brand new baby with the beautiful light and colors of nature.  Bravo to these parents for getting out of the house with a 1 week old newborn and her big sis, and on-time and looking photo-ready nonetheless! 

We had strategized on some props that would be meaningful to them, and Anna selected a drawer from Zoe’s dresser, with a lovely pile of blankets, as well as some pearls that she wore to her wedding and that Coralee wore for her newborn photo session.  Pinterest inspired me to find a comfy tree for the baby to rest, and Anna selected one of Zoe’s quilts that was handmade for her to rest on, wearing a flower crown like the ones mom and Coralee wore for their maternity session!  Coralee had some opportunities to hang out with dad while mom fed Zoe mid-session.  She is such a proud big sister, and I looking forward to seeing this family more as they grow!

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