Rachelle and Steeve’s Wedding

After meeting this sweet and loving couple for their Engagement Session, I was looking forward to their wedding.  It took place entirely at the Signature Grand in Davie, FL, from the bride getting ready, to the ceremony, and through the reception.  I live nearby and have spent the last 8 years driving by it every day, but I’d never been there before!  I was pleasantly surprised by the loveliness of the ceremony room in particular.  All of the twinkle lights are beautiful!  The couple gave me a decent amount of time for bridal party portraits, so we were able to try a few different fun things.  Then the couple and their friends kept the dance floor occupied all night, which gave me great photo-ops, including the most epic garter catcher putting the garter on the bouquet catcher I’ve ever witnessed!  If that video was on YouTube, it would go viral.  Think these photos of it will go viral?

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