Best Of So You by Erica Sue 2014

These photos represent what I strive to create, which are the “images that stay with you long after you’ve stopped looking at them”.  These are the images that stayed with me, for whatever reason.  There were 117 sessions total, and since my first career is Engineering, I couldn’t resist including a pie chart of the breakdown!  Happy New Year, and I look forward to capturing more moments that are “So You” in 2015!  For captions of why these were my favorites, check out the Facebook post here.

Stats2048-99532048-20742048-36972048-7706IMG_8037_20482048-8140IMG_96262048-99122048-0728 (2)2048-16942048-26562048-2676IMG_5438 (2)2048-60542048-61582048-73172048-77372048-00692048-00752048-10902048-26322048-3179 (2)2048-48092048-53852048-70632048-89672048-91722048-94642048-01292048-04842048-08212048-21042048-05032048-18452048-2919 (2)2048-37802048-32252048-58802048-78872048-91342048-92572048-99882048-85402048-97852048-00292048--3 (2)2048-20982048-21312048-2676 (2)2048-4410 (2)2048-51012048-54212048-61082048--2 (3)