Ice Cream Mini Sessions Day 2

This weekend, I returned to Sloan’s Ice Cream in Lauderdale by the Sea for another round of ice cream mini sessions.  I just love how they all took place in the same approximately 400 sq feet, but are all so different!  The engaging environment really brought out and let everyone's personalities shine!

First up were Olivia and Jordyn, two sisters who enjoyed playing and exploring the store together with their parents.  And how cute is Olivia’s ice cream cone shirt and her golden sparkle shoes that match the gold sparkles on her sister’s skirt!?
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Next up were Yvonne and Jacob, a mother/son duo who got really creative and had a lot of fun with their session.
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Third, two sisters came in with their kids for a mom / kids / aunts / cousins session.  Capturing their close bond was really special.
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And last, but certainly not least was Emma.  I tried my very hardest to elicit a natural smile, but she didn’t find me very funny.  In the process though, I got the most surprising and even more pleasing result - a variety of faces where she may not have been smiling, but her eyes are so expressive!
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