Maria and Joe’s Wedding at the Hilton Bentley on South Beach

This wedding had all of the right ingredients, that individually, make for a special wedding and great pictures.  But combine them all together, and you have a recipe for absolute perfection and above and beyond awesomeness.  First, Maria and Joe had an Engagement Session, which is always a great way to develop a rapport with me, so we start off the wedding day as friends and with a certain level of comfort in our roles as photographer and subjects.  Second, add a beautiful and fun location with beautiful light at the right time of day.  I love that we had a mix of nature and urban spots for their portraits, and since their wedding coincided with Spring Break, that added an extra bit of fun uniqueness (and some photobombing characters).  Third, they allotted plenty of time for us to explore said great location and light for their portraits.  And last, but certainly not least, these two showed so much love and emotion for each other, that looking at some of these images gave me the chills!

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