Jillian and Michael’s Wedding

This past weekend, I had the joy of attending my cousin’s wedding at Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, NY.  It’s common for guests to take photos at weddings, but I’m not the average guest photographer, and cel phone photos are inadequate for me.  With my minimal vacation equipment (one lens, one flash, as opposed to the several of each I typically use on a wedding day), I was able to capture some beautiful moments of their special day. I even got to pass off my camera several times and appear in front of the lens! 

The ceremony took place on a beautiful sunny terrace overlooking the Hudson River, followed by an energetic celebration.  A painting was created of the reception as the reception took place, and a game of spin the bottle was played to identify the next dancer to show off their skills at the center of a circle, something I'd never seen at a wedding before!  There was a double Mezinka, a tradition where the parents wear flower crowns, and guests dance around and greet the parents whose last child is getting married, and the weekend concluded with a farewell brunch the next morning.  The overwhelming feeling was love between and for Jill and Mike, and I look forward to many more happy celebrations with this family!

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