Rachel, Greg, Ellie, and Cullen’s Gender Reveal

When I last photographed this family, one of the shots included a sign announcing mom was expecting an addition to their family!  Having just photographed a beautiful gender reveal, I showed the pictures to mom, and she loved them, and couldn’t wait to schedule her own.  With our schedules, we did this one evening after work, when it was supposed to be rainy and disgusting out.  We had a back-up plan to shoot at a park pavilion, but as I was driving over there, the sun made its way through the clouds, and ended up giving us some gorgeous light!

This family of four also invited some close friends to witness their reveal.  Being a Pinterest user, I knew I’d be able to involve them to participate, not just witness the event.  Having seen confetti gender reveals, I set about to creating my own.  Not having the time or budget for 40 inch party poppers online, I created simple confetti cones out of black cardstock, and folded down and taped the top to conceal the color of the confetti until we were ready.  Check out the results!

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