Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah

This family joyously celebrated their eldest son Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah last weekend.  He worked really hard for it, and had to “think different”, which was part of the theme of his celebration.  Because Steve Jobs and the other leads over at Apple have created greatness by thinking differently, Ethan identifies with them (and what kids don’t love playing on iPhones and iPads), and chose Apple as his theme.  The party was staged as a launch for a new Operating System, eOS13 (e for Ethan, instead of the typical iOS and 13 because of Bar Mitzvah age).

There were Apple details everywhere!  The entrance to the reception room was designed to look like an Apple store, there was a Genius bar, apple “juice” (i.e. a charging station), and Apple store employee t-shirts for the catering staff.   The guest of honor was introduced by Siri herself, followed by a tech-saavy video presentation and iPad candle-lighting combo.  It was an incredible night with an incredible family, and I hope I’Il get to celebrate many more simchas with you all!

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