Grant Newborn

I had the pleasure of meeting this family for their gender reveal a few months back, which was an awesome experience since mom was so excited to balancing out the pink in her family with a little bit of blue.  Baby Grant is here, and I got to meet him when he was 10 days new!  He’s just as cute as can be, and looks like his older sisters.  They just love him so, which is what I love to capture in a newborn session.  I don’t have a bunch of newborn props, and my clients know that.  Why would you want a bunch of pictures of your baby sitting in my basket?  I like to capture the love in the new family with things that are meaningful to them.  And there was plenty of love to capture here!  There was also a ton of light streaming in their large windows, which added an extra element of beauty to these photos.  Congratulations Kevin, Kim, Chloe, and Caitlyn, and I hope to get you in front of my camera again as you grow!

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