Melissa, Brandon, and Solomon welcome Lincoln

I love getting to photograph families as they grow.  I've gotten to capture Solomon at 1, when baby brother was in mom's belly, and now for Lincoln's newborn session.  I feel like each time, they've gotten more comfortable in front of my camera, to the point where they now photograph like old friends.  And I love that.  The moments that happen that I get to capture are so genuine.  There's no pressure for their active toddler to 'behave' or 'look at the camera'.  Yes, we'll trick him into it for a few shots, but the goal is just for them to be together and have fun, and they did.  

This was also a really special session for me.  This year my photography growth goal has been to add more variety to my sessions and galleries.  I want to see things from different angles and perspectives, and when I got home and went through this images, I could see my growth and my achievement of this goal at this session.  I'm proud of myself, and can't wait to see the variety I continue to create!