Zach's Bar Mitzvah

This was such a lovely family to photograph and simcha to be a part of.  It's always special when you're not meeting the mitzvah family the day of.  In this case, these guys have appeared in front of my camera before for a family session, and we go to the same synagogue, so I've gotten to know them a bit as members of the community.  So it was great to see, and capture an event that was a true reflection of who they are.  I know I only got to see the synagogue rehearsal, but it was wonderful to see how comfortable Zach was, and I can only imagine mitzvah day was more of the same.  They rocked out with friends, and an enviable group of friends that are family who know how to have a good time!  Mazel Tov, and I look forward to sharing more simchas together!